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If you're across the world, you can learn too using our online platform. Our online platform allows you to learn the techniques at your own pace, on your own time and still get monthly online LIVE interactive sessions with your instructor. These techniques are taught nowhere else but here. Receive our patent pending latch hooks and exclusive membership to our Crochet Community, which includes other hair professionals and students like yourself. Get all these perks & more!

What you'll Learn:

Non-Slip Knot method

Seamless Hairline technique

Invisible part technique


Thinning Cutting and shaping

What you'll Get:

Exclusive membership to Our crochet community

Access to itch-free Premium crochet hair

Monthly Live Q&A sessions with Business Mindset 

Discount to Events and Hands-On classes in any city.

1 Day Hands-On Crochet Workshop

Get Hands-On training in our small group class with Only 3-5 students or 1 on 1. Payment Plans available in 2 monthly installments of $385 with the initial payment due at the time of booking. Specialized Latch Hook, Learning materials and certification provided.



What Our Students Are Saying

"The Course was very informative. There is always room for growth in a gift/talent that God have given to you. Jenise was encouraging, patient, and also gave me some spiritual guidence. The hair industry is fun, challenging, competitive, & hardwork. Several years in and I still have way more to learn. There is nothing wrong with seeking to learn more and strengthen your craft. This workshop is perfect if you are looking to expand your knowledge on Crochet Braids, different techniques, tips and positive advice. Thankful for the opportunity and I’m proud that I completed a goal towards my gift. Thank You"

Titilola Gbenjo @tailo_g
Atlanta Certified Technician

"Jenise was very informative. I've been waiting along time for a course like this. It will add to my productivity on top of the skills I already had and to my revenue. I'm excited. Thank Jenise"

Chennel Coleman @curls4dgirls
New Orleans Certified Technician

"There is no other course like this and I have never seen crochet braids done like this before. The course truly pays for itself triple times over now that I'm able to provide my clients with a new level of service."

Makia Thomas @krochetbykia
Texas Certified Technician

"If you're looking to take Crochet to the next level this is the class for you. This kind of crochet technique in a game changer."

Hossanna Paida @Hairtalkbysana
San Francisco Certified Technician


Detailed instructions and video tutorials are provided for both the basic foundation and top knot braid patterns, as well as the 4-Step Non-Slip Knot. Sample photos of your work must be submitted for approval.

Detailed video tutorials are provided for the invisible part technique. Sample photos of your work must be submitted for approval.

Detailed instructions and video tutorials are provided to make the hair look like it's growing out of your client's scalp! Sample photos of your work must be submitted for approval.

Your will get detailed instructions and client video tutorials for these final styling step. Sample photos of your finished work must be submitted for approval.

Step-by-step instruction for a Kanekalon Crochet Installation

A detailed video tutorial will show you tips for a quicker take down.

For the Crochet Methodology Course FInal you must upload videos (< 10mb) of you completing the following techniques:

  • A versatile install with seamless hairline using silky crochet hair such as Freetress Appeal
  • A completely knotless Kanekalon Installation with seamless hairline, displaying the cut, shearing and shaping
  • A Basic Installation with seamless hairline using Freetress Waterwave (or any courser texture of hair) and displaying either a Diva cut or shape and style.

This course includes the Crochet Methodology Course (which covers all the previously listed techniques), as well as the following:

    • A live client tutorial detailing steps to braiding a secure Alopecia foundation.
    • Step-by-step details and live client tutorials on installing our Signature Seamless Hairline on a client with Alopecia.
  • 2-WAY VIXEN**
    • Live client tutorial breaks down the process of the 2-Way Vixen Install.
    • Step-by-step instructions on installing crochet over dread locs.
    • Videos (< 10mb) of you completing each technique must be submitted for a final course grade and certification approval.

**Sample photos of this technique must be submitted for approval.


Click HERE to find out more about our certification and assessment Guidelines.

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