We Offer 3 Unique Courses Designed to Teach all The Fundamentals of Our Crochet Methods from A-Z so no matter what your level of Expertise wether you're a Beginner or Advance you will be able to Learn and Complete this Course at your Own Pace.  It's the first of its kind that gives you the Full Step-by-Step Blueprint to train and Learn Successfully. Each Certification Course is Guareented to earn your money back within a Month with the strategic Marketing & Skills.

Online Courses

Learn Our Specialized Method of Crochet Braids and choose which course will better suite you.

Crochet Master Course



OR One time Payment of $897


Live Client Video Tutorials

Course Enrollment Includes Access to:

The Crochet Methodology Course

Alopecia/ Thinning Foundation Braiding Techniques & Installation

Vixen Installs

Private HVU Facebook Group

45 Min Monthly Live Conference Call

 Strategic Marketing


Crochet Methodology



OR One time Payment of $597


Live Client Video Tutorials
The Course Covers Topics On:

The Key to Braiding Foundation

Non-Slip knot Technique

Knotless Technique

Seamless Hairline Technique

Cut & Shape

Take Down Technique

Private HVU Facebook Group






OR One time Payment of $1,697 


Live Client Video Tutorials

VIP MASTER Course & Mentorship Program Includes:

 Techniques from both the Basic Methodology and Mastery Course

 Unlimited IG Marketing program (will need your IG login info), Customer Service Skills, and How-to Grow your Business Course 

Private HVU Facebook Group

1 on 1 Live Conference Calls

Free Ticket to All Events

Plus Mentorship & Business Advisement. (Insiders tips & tricks) Brand Ambassador, Automatic Recertification, and Teaching Course.



Frequently Asked Questions

What tools will I need?
The tools needed and suggested are an afro kinky mannequin, rattail combs, clips, Thinning Sheers, scissors, and Latch Hook which will be offered in Our Store Soon. HERV-UNIVERSITY offers step-by-step video tutorials and lectures; a mannequin will allow students to learn the information in a "hands on” way and retain the techniques and styles provided.

If I need to cancel subscription, how do I cancel?
You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and select "account settings" and requesting to cancel.

Why do I need to sign a Confidentiality form?
To Preserve the integrity of the Courses and information that is Only for the Members of The Online University.

Can I pick up where I left off?
Yes you may re-enroll at anytime and pickup where you left off within 3 months of cancellation. Otherwise you will need to re-enroll.

What are the requirements to receive my certificate upon course completion?
You will need to successfully complete and submit your photos via our private Facebook group and by email read more HERE

Are the tutorials able to be downloaded?
Our Program is web based only. As long as you have internet access you will be able to access our tutorials. The tutorials are not downloadable and we do not ship DVD's.

How does H.E.R-VOLUTION University differ from cosmetology and beauty schools?
This is an continuing education program that will help you increase your skill set for Crochet Artistry and skillful Protective Styling. We will not only teach you the fundamentals and advanced techniques to Knotless Crochet Braids, but we will also provide a business course. Our business course contains education on how to market/brand yourself, build clientele and grow your business. HVU is not an alternative to cosmetology school and will not offer a license only certifications. Check out the Policy for Braiders in your state.

Is HVU going to teach me how to succeed in this industry once techniques are learned and I am certified?
Yes we will register you as a Certified Technician or Trainee on Our World Wide Directory. Aside from the fundamentals, advanced styling, and techniques that are vital to a hair artist’s portfolio. We teach you Customer Service Skills and Marketing. It can almost be pointless if you are not marketed and branded correctly. We want to help build the natural hair artist in you while equally building and empowering the businesswoman in you. Our certified technicians will not lack in either areas.

H.E.R-VOLUTION University prides itself on the development of well-rounded and entirely educated entrepreneurs.

How long are the courses?
Each course ranges from 6-9 months. Members are welcome to advance to the next course at any time. It is our suggestion that the courses be taken based on skill set so students are able to achieve a solid understanding of the information given.

Is there any help with the cost of my enrollment?
Since enrollment is established as a monthly opt-in subscription there is no financial aid or scholarship programs.

Does this University offer a license?
We do not offer a license. Every state has their own set of requirements as it pertains to getting a license for braiding and natural hair services. H.E.R-VOLUTION is here to equip you with education that you can use no matter which state you are in. Once you complete the full course and complete the installations taught to HVU satisfaction our students will become certified to practice our techniques.


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